December 2017 Major Trial Awards

Katie Jordan & Addie: C-ATCH_4 

Donna Boutillier & Bodie: C-ATCH

Ariane Bailey & Jacob: C-ATCH

Linda Overbaugh & Kevlar: C-ATCH

Nancy Wentworth & Ben Matlock: C-ATCH_7

Sheila Gibson & Joker: C-ATCH_5

Lisa Tibbles & Sadie: C-ATE_2

Lisa Howard & Miranda: Snooker Championship

Sally Nettleton-Smilas & Ripple: Perfect Weekend

Donna Boutillier & Bodie: Standard Champioship

Lisa Howard & Miranda: Jumpers Championship 

Lisa Tibbles & Castle: Fullhouse Champion Extraordinaire

Jo Weiss & Sophie: Colors Champion Extraordinaire 


And a big CONGRATULATIONS to all those earning Level (1-4), Handler, Strategy or Games titles! You are too numerous to mention individually, but your accomplishments are no less important!

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